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At PBK We help each Customer on an individual basis with their Kite Repair issues. Whether you are local or a Worldwide Customer. We'll help sort out your order and quote a total price including shipping if required.
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With PBK Clearview Repair, You may not even notice your kite was repaired when you look up at it while kiting. Who wants to remember having their kite up in the tree or on the rocks.

If your kite was sprayed with a UV protectant, we may not be able to do a clear repair, since the tape may not stick well enough even with sewing. We will do a ripstop repair instead.

Full payment is required in advanced when you are shipping your kite to us, including return shipping. You can pay on pickup otherwise in most cases.

When you are ready to go ahead and ship your kite.

We recommend They offer great prices, are reliable, provide tracking # and have a variety of convenient locations, including Shoppers Drug Mart. Your kite will also be returned via Canada Post.
Your Kite needs to be dry and free of sand. We do offer cleaning and drying for a fee if required.

We can typically provide you with a Free quote after you send clear pictures of the damage to your kite. We may require additional close ups in some case.

If you are in the area, you can stop by the shop for a $40 Diagnostic. We're not far from Cherry Beach and Ashbridges Bay. Contact for appointment.

Your kite can be repaired on the highest quality Industrial Sewing Machine for intricate 3 Step ZigZag curves.

Most damage can be repaired including creating new panels for your kite. Although, do save every piece of material you can find from your damaged kite. We may be able to use them.tear,
For best PBK Repairs handle your kite as carefully as you can and save all the pieces.

We wouldn't suggest you do Leading Edge Repair on your own, it may end up like This. Leading Edges do need to be sewn in most case...

PBK does sell Dacron Tape &
Clear Tear-Aid for Canopy tears up to 2" or more if you feel comfortable without sewing. Sewing helps secure the tape in place for a stronger Repair.

Be aware that if you do a temporary Canopy fix with Tear-Aid A you may not be able to remove it afterwords for a professional Repair at PBK. Wait and send it to us first if you can...

As well, if your kite was treated with a Sunscreen spray or UV coating, tape may not stick well enough well and will need sewing with any size tear,