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At PBK We help each Customer on an individual basis with their Kite Repair issues. Whether you are local or a Worldwide Customer. We'll help sort out your order and quote a total price including shipping if required.
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We Recieve Kites from Various Location via Shipping
Contact PBK for Details! On Having your Damaged Kite Fixed by PBK
Phone 416-462-3791

E-mail Sales@PBKiteboarding
Option 1:
Free E-mail Diagnostic. Everyone:
E-mail PBK Pictures of your damaged kite. Take several pictures that show the damage clearly.
We may ask for additional pictures if we need to see more detail. If there are any additional costs when you drop off or ship the kite to us we will e-mail the extra costs for approval before moving ahead.
Option 2:
Diagnostic Diagnostic Diagnostic
(Free Shop diagnosis support if you purchased your Kite from PBK)
($40 other Kites or free by e-mail, option 1)
Schedule a Kite Repair Diagnostic at the PBK Shop.This covers the time to set up a meeting to diagnose the repair required for your kite. We'll take the time to show you what needs to be repaired. The $40 cash payment for non customers is due when we meet for the diagnostic. The Repair will be an Additional Cost.
Kiteboarding and Snowkiting Kite Repair. 3 Step Zigzag Pro Clear Repair.

Highest Quality Repairs.
We Specialize in New Kites for Best Looks and Resale!!
Customers First. Get your Gear from PBK, we've got your    back when things go wrong.
Don't be left out in the cold should you happen to rip your Kite! Go with the Pros.