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PBK Interact E-Transfer! The Easy way to pay, as in Stores. Interact is also like paying bills online... with your bank card.
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Send Money to PBK Faster than you can write a cheque!
To send funds use the following PBK e-mail:
It's So Easy! And Fast!

Use Interac*** Email Money E-Transfers to:

Send money for a purchase you've  made online
Send money to children at university
Pay back money owed to friends
Pay the babysitter, piano teacher, or dog walker
Contribute to an office collection for gifts, luncheons, etc.
Send money to someone for any other reason

Here's how an Interac Email Money Transfer works:

You sign on to Scotia OnLine and select the "Interac Email Money E-Transfer Transfer" navigation link within the Banking tab
You key the email address of the person you want to send money to
You create a Security Question that only the person you are sending money to will be able to answer
You key the amount you want to send, and the account from which you want to withdraw
the money is withdrawn from your account, and an email notification is  automatically sent to the email address you provided
The other person clicks on a hyperlink in the email, and they are taken to their online banking sign on page
After signing on and answering your Security Question, they can deposit the funds immediately to their account*. No holds, no hassles, and the funds are guaranteed.

Send money to anyone!

When you send money to someone using the Interac Email Money Transfer service, they don't need an account at your Bank to receive your funds! All they need is a Canadian dollar account at a Canadian Financial Institution, and an email address.

It's secure!

When you send an Interac Email Money Transfer, the email is used only for notification purposes, it doesn't actually carry the money. The money is transferred using the established inter-bank fund clearing networks Canadians have trusted for years.

What's more, in order to receive an Interac Email Money Transfer you have sent, the other person must sign on to their online banking service*, and provide the correct answer to the Security Question that you create specifically for them. Two more layers of security to give you peace of mind. Also, you don't need to know the other person's bank account numbers, and they never see yours!
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