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Snowkiting Toronto Ontario Thommy Thompson Park Leslie Street Spit Across from Cherry Beach.

Fantastic Session Snowkiting Kite Skiing in Toronto on my New Speed 4 18m Lotus with Matt on his Speed 3 15m CE and Lukas on his Speed 3 21m Purple Limited edition.

We were memorised as we kited to the edge of land from the Bird Sanctuary to have a look at our Wonderful Lake Ontario to the west where we typical kiteboard during spring summer and fall. Every Sunset is magical and unique. Just wait for it and the light will dim for a brand new spectacular panoramic view of TO’s Water Front as the water tries to freeze as deep into the Outer Harbour as much as the winter can make it happen. Bring it on! We Love Snowkitng! Till the Next!

PBK Support
Snowkiting Toronto Ontario Thommy Thompson Park Leslie Street Spit Across from Cherry Beach.

This is one of the constantly cold winters in Toronto. The Ice formed, the snow fell and voila, a fabulous perfect “Windy” Snowkiting Session on my Flysurfer 8m Speed 4 Deluxe and Aboards Reverse Kite Snowboard with PBK Custom Swivel Plates. Perfect Combo for the Day! The condition made for some great blasting through snow drifts and boosting off ramps. The Sky and “Hooked on Sunset” were Magnificent!
PBK Paul
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Yes! It was Windy!