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Flysurfer Speed 4 Speed4  8m 10m 12m 15m 18m 21m Canada USA Flysurfers Speed 4 Kiteboarding & Snowkiting Canada USA, High end Closed cell and open cell Foils 

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Now comes with the Speed 3 Kites.

The total development of the SPEED 3 took almost two years to complete and also brings a completely new innovation in kite design. The PSYCHO4 with its revolutionary Triple DepowerTechnology combines 3 characteristics to maximize the depower effect:
The angle of attack changes
The projected size of the kite changes
The airfoil camber changes


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SPEED4 - SP4 the Ultimate Flying Machine Again...

We've bee waiting for the Speeds in the smaller Kites for a while now and are very happy that Flysurfer took the time to refine the Speed 4's to their uptmost efficiency. We have many excited Customer ordering their new Speed4's Now...

Get in on the excitement!!

Speed4 8m 10m
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Speed 4 8m
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Flysurfer Speed 4 NEW Sizes at PBK!
NEW Flysurfer Speed4 Speed 4 SP4 8m 10m
It has been a long wait for the first official sign that a new Speed is coming and now it is finally here. We are pleased and proud to present to you the next step or rather, jump, in Flysurfer development: the Speed4 - in sizes 8.0 and 10.0m˛!

First things first: The Speed4 in 8.0 and 10.0m˛ are unbelievably versatile. Despite the enormous performance potential, the Speed4 is still suitable for beginners in the lower wind ranges but still a true air-time machine in the upper wind range.

The demand for other (bigger) sizes of the Speed4 is naturally justifiable. Still, it is not so simple to top an extraordinary product like the Speed3. So we still need some time - and until then the Speed3 Colored Edition (CE) from 12.0m˛ upwards remain within the Speed series. However, we are certain that 2013 will be the release year for the additional Speed4 sizes (12.0/15.0/18.0/21.0m˛).

Unequaled performance - at your demand Speed4

Without exaggeration: The Speed4 is the best performing kite that we have ever built. Whether in low end, turningspeed, relaunch, jumping characteristics or depower… Almost everywhere we have been able to set new limits. Yet it’s performance is more accessible than ever - for every rider. It starts when you pull up the Speed4: The kite inflates incredibly fast and provides security from the first moment onwards. Whether fully powered up or fully depowered, a Speed4 stays stable in the sky. And thanks to the balanced handling not only your jumps are much easier, but also their landings.

Flysurfer Speed 4 In the air

There is so much that cannot be put into words, but instead has to be experienced. The Speed4 flying feeling is one of those things. More direct and faster turning performance, a glide ratio that you only experience with Speeds, the now extremely short depower throw, the lift, the control…We needed six months just for the fine-tuning the Speed4 in order to reach this result: It just feels plain great to fly a Speed4.

Flysurfer Speed 4 Simplicity

Our vision is not only to improve our kites, but to further shape the sport of kiting. What has remained is a simple and effective system. Lowest possible weight, smallest pack dimensions, quickest setup and stow-away and enormous durability … The Speed4 is more effective, lighter and more compact than anything else we have ever built. We were even able to achieve a bridle that is almost one-third lighter and remove an entire bridle row. This not only makes kiting easier, but results in even better performance.

Flysurfer Speed 4  Innovation

The Speed4 is a completely new development, based on a concept: A defined flex performance of the kite-profile. We achieved this with a new canopy construction and an extremely simplified bridle. Depowered, a reflexed trailing edge is formed with especially low lift and high stability. By pulling the bar down, the profiles bends and an enormous lift increase is created. This technology makes it possible to use a lighter construction with less drag, as well as creating highly effective depower and high stability while simultaneously maintaining short bar travel. The new Speed4 construction is supplemented by a reinforcement of the leading edge for maximum flight stability in gusting winds and yet again-improved aerodynamics. The result is a kite that not only brings all the advantages of the Speed3 to the next level, but also steps up it’s freestyle performance.
Flysurfer Speed 4 SP4 Regular Deluxe DLX New Flysurfer Kite Colors
Flysurfer Speed 4 SP4 Regular Deluxe DLX New Flysurfer Kiteboarding Kites
Flysurfer Speed 4 SP4 Regular Deluxe Review DLX New Flysurfer Kite Colors
Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_001 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_002 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_003 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_004
Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_005 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_006 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_007 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_008
Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_009 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_011 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_012 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_013
Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_014 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_015 Flysurfer_Speed4_8m_10m_Speed_4_SP4_Deluxe_Canada_010
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Flysurfer Speed4  8m Speed4  8m Kiteboarding Kites
Flysurfer Speed4  10m
Speed4  10m Kiteboarding Kites
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Speed4  12m Kiteboarding Kites
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Speed4  15m Kiteboarding Kites
Flysurfer Speed4  18m
Speed4  18m Kiteboarding Kites
Flysurfer Speed4  21m
Speed4  21m Kiteboarding Kites
FLysurfer Infinity Bar 2 Kiteboarding Bar Canada USA
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PBK Paul Snowkiting Kite Skiing on the Flysurfer Speed 4 8m Deluxe.
PBK Paul on the Speed 4 8m Deluxe and the Aboards Reverse 158 Kite Snowboard with PBK Swivel Bindings Plates
PBK Paul on the Speed 4 8m Deluxe with Skis.
Contact PBK first come first served. Lightest Wind and Most Powerful kites per size in the World!
Speed 4's in Stock and Preorders.
Flysurfer Speed 4 8m - Aboards Reverse 158 Snowkiting Kite Snowboarding
Flysurfer Speed 4 8m - Aboards Reverse 158 Snowkiting Kite Snowboarding
Flysurfer Speed 4 8m - Aboards Reverse 158 Snowkiting Kite Snowboarding
Flysurfer Speed 4 8m - Aboards Reverse 158 Snowkiting Kite Snowboarding
Flysurfer Speed 4 8m - Aboards Reverse 158 Snowkiting Kite Snowboarding
Flysurfer Speed 4 8m - Aboards Reverse 158 Snowkiting Kite Snowboarding
PBK Paul on the:
Speed 4 12m Lotus