Predator Drysuit

Dry Core Technology is revolutionizing cold water surfing. This revolutionary drysuit technology eliminates the cold freeze, chill and excess buoyancy found with traditional cold water wetsuits.

Ocean Rodeo launched the world’s first true surfing dry-suit in the fall of 2007 - The Pyro Surf. This revolutionary two layer design borrowed the streamlined fit of a neoprene wetsuit and fused it with latest in shell dry-suit technology. The resulting “Fusion” of dry-suit and wetsuit created a new category in cold water thermal protection.

The form fitting outer skin is made with 0.5mm super stretch micro neoprene. The outer skin forms a wrinkle free streamlined surface for fast swimming and incredible mobility. This stretchable outer layer also squeezes out excess trapped with-in the dry core reducing buoyancy for easy duck dives.

Unlimited Range of Motion:
The combined thickness of both layers (dry-core and outer skin) averages at approximately 1mm. The two independent layers offer an unlimited range of motion unparalleled by modern cold water surfing wetsuits.
Breathable Dry Core:
The Dry Core bladder is 100% water proof when immersed, however it breathes while above surface, improving comfort.
No donning an ice cold wetsuit for your second session:

ore putting on a cold wetsuit for your second session!

Huge temperature Range:
The Fusion technology provides a dry barrier against the elements; however it is what you wear under the suit that keeps you warm! Just like snowboarding or skiing you match your undergarment to the conditions.
Fast Dry:

The Dry Core bladder will not absorb water. When wearing a wetsuit, second sessions are ruined by the torture of donning your wet and cold wetsuit. With Dry Core just shake the dry suit a few times and put on a set of fresh fleece. No more putting on a cold wetsuit for your second session!
Easy to Clean and Service:
The two layers of Dry Core easily separate for servicing by means of Velcro fastening tabs found at the ankles and zipper.
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Coldfire Gloves

Warm, flexible and tough.
- 3mm neoprene all around for warmth.
- Titanium Slick Skin (TSS) interior. No stink, less weight, quick drying, great seal.
- Super stick screen palm and fingers provide superior grip on your board.
- Ergonomically designed for the perfect fit with minimal seams.
- Pre-curved palm minimizes hand fatigue while paddling.
- DSC seams! Glued, blind-stitched, with external seam seal. No water is getting through!

3mm   2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
5mm   2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Coldfire Boots

- High top design lays over dry suit latex ankles seals enhancing dryness in the lower leg.
- Split toe interior for improved balance and warmth.
- Multi Laminated rubber sole and top foot provides grip and support.
- Titanium Slick Skin (TSS) interior. No stink, less weight, quick drying, great seal.
- DSC seams! Glued, blind-stitched, with external seam seal. No water is getting through!
- Reinforced heel to allow easy entry and provide durability.
Neoprene Beanie

Ideal for kiteboarding, windsurfing or SUP, this 1mm beanie keeps the chill off.
- 1mm super stretch neoprene nylon both sides.
- Flat lock seams for stretch and comfort.
- Four panel design for superior fit.
- Rear grommet for optional leash line.

S, M, L
Colfire Hood

Ideal for kiteboarding, windsurfing or SUP, this 2mm beanie keeps the chill off.
- 1mm super stretch neoprene nylon both sides.
- Flat lock seams for stretch and comfort.
- Four panel design for superior fit.
- Rear grommet for optional leash line.

S, M, L
Pyro Pro Front Pyro Details - Flex Zone Pyro Details - Back
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Heater Drysuit Underwear

Designed specifically for high-output water sports, the body hugging fit combined with the Ultra Stretch fleece keeps you toasty warm while allowing maximum mobility.

Heater Vase Layer

The Heat Full base layer provides total body coverage with maximum mobility. This single layer full body suit provides incredible mobility and warmth to surpass 5mm wetsuit performance.

Heater Shorty

To push cold water performance into frigid water and air temperatures ( 6mm wetsuit conditions) add the Heater Shorty over top of the Heater Base for added insulation.
Log John

Coldwater Shorts

Designed for warmth to wear under your Kiteboarding Shorts or to keep you a little more warmer under a wetsuit or shorty. The OR Coldwater Shorts have also been designed to work with the Session legstrap system.

You can hide the legstraps under your Shorts.
See Below:
Session2 Hybrid Harness:

The New 2012 2013 Session 2 Harness:

The original Session Harness 1 was introduced to the Kiteboarding world and was a great Success, with thousands of kiters around the world. The Session has gained legendary status for it's rugged durability, incredible comfort and innovative safety features.

The industry first "Clip on Clip Off" leg Straps allowed riders to wear the Session as a waist or Seat Waist Harness, creating a new segment in the harness Market: The Hybrid.

The Session 2 is the result of rider feedback from out global community of riders: The OR Crew: Hundreds of commited to improving their kiteboarding skills and riding in comfort. Contact PBK for more information and to purchase the New Session 2.

Ocean Rodeo Session 2 Harness Session II Hybrid Harness, OceanRodeo Session 2 Kiteboarding Harness! The Session 2 has Patented Removable Leg Straps. Pure Waist Harness or with leg Straps. Ships Worldwide Canada, USA. Order you Predator today from PBK.
PBK Paul Snowkiting with the Session 2
Note: Sizing is over a wetsuit or bathing suit.
Allow 1-2" for drysuit or snow pants
Joe - Leash-less Recovery Tool

Why the GO - Joe™ ?

Traditional surfboard style leashes used to connect kiters with their boards have proven to be dangerous in both the water and on land. The GO - Joe™ is a new “leash free” tool to assist in the retrieval of your kiteboard without fear of being impacted or impeded by a leashed board. The GO - Joe™ is perfect for beginners and intermediates learning board recovery techniques. Advanced riders will appreciate the faster board recovery in extreme conditions or while learning new tricks.
What is it?

The GO - Joe™ is an inflatable tube structure attached to deck of the kiteboard that uses the natural forces of buoyancy distribution and wind to roll you kite board right side up and accelerate it down wind. These features combined with high visibility and additional floatation will make the use of surfboard style leashes in kiteboarding obsolete.

The unique hour glass design of the inflatable tube structure places the self righting buoyancy at a high pivot point. This distribution of flotation will power roll your board right side up if it lands foot straps down in the water, (foot straps down create drag, slowing the boards drift).

With the board right side up and foot strap resistance eliminated, the GO - Joe™ is positioned on the board forward of center allowing the wind to turn and sail the GO - Joe ™ down wind towards the rider. If the rider maintains their position with the kite at the zenith the board will simply sail downwind towards you.

The hour glass shaped design of the GO - Joe™ fits comfortably between the riders feet and does not restrict mobility. The hour glass shape also eliminates drag caused by spray from the boards rails

The GO - Joe™ is very light and durable using our proven manufacturing techniques.
Construction and durability

The inflatable tubes are manufactured with the same techniques and materials used on our kite tubes. 110 micron PU inner bladder with HD Nylon outer cover. Bomber!

Deck mounting plate uses the same construction as our foot pad deck plates.
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170x50 PBK Custom Board Bag fits the Mako King 165

The Mako King is a Large Board and we have a Bag just for it.
This PBK Bag is fully padded with top quality Materials!
Center Padded Divider for 2 boards + Kites
Optional Shoulder Strap.

Jeremy and Lynn using the Session 2
Pyro Pro Breathable Drysuit

Ocean Rodeo’s top selling dry-suit just got better! The Pyro Pro is now manufactured entirely with rugged water proof breathable fabric!

In development for 3 years, our breathable fabric is designed specifically for the harsh marine environment. This 3 layer fabric consists of a tough 210 Nylon Oxford face layer which is then laminated to the breathable membrane. The final layer is a protective mesh barrier, which offers additional protection to the breathable membrane.

The Pyro Pro’s relaxed cut and self entry zipper design make entry and exit a snap, while offering excellent mobility.

Like all Ocean Rodeo dry-suits, the Pyro Pro is designed for comfort and durability. Double layer knees and bum, Poly-tex seals, and the new breathable fabric make for a very durable, yet comfortable suit.

Temperature versatility: The new breathable fabric performs in both extreme cold and warmer conditions. Layer your undergarments up or down to match the water and air temperature. The breathable fabric greatly reduces sweat build up on the warmer days, extending the use of the Pyro Pro.

Accidents happen; as such we’ve made the Pyro suit easily repairable. Our seals and suit fabrics are all easily repaired with no need to send the suit back. This means less time waiting for repairs and more time riding.

Polyurethane coated 400 Denier Ballistic nylon at the bum and knees, 200 denier body. Seams taped and welded. Built tough!

Help to keep rocks and other debris out of your boots.

The Pyro Pro is available in a black / navy blue combination!

Ankle storage pocket.

Latex wrist and ankle seals.

Neck seal impact overlay with drainage vent.

No cheap plastic zippers here! The Pyro features the most hardcore zipper imaginable. We use the same zipper used in deep-sea dive suits and space suits! No water is getting through!